Why should you care?

Autism is a very serious disease that affects brain development.  The Autism Speaks website does a fabulous job explaining exactly what Autism is, and how not only children with Autism are affected, but how the families who have a child with Autism cope with making sure their child has a great life.

Autism Speaks: What is Autism?

Autism is also more common than many would believe.   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, I learned the following:
– Studies have shown that among identical twins, if one child has an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), then the other will be affected about 60-96% of the time. In non-identical twins, if one child has an ASD, then the other is affected about 0-24% of the time
– Parents who have a child with an ASD have a 2%–8% chance of having a second child who is also affected
– It is estimated that about 10% of children with an ASD have an identifiable genetic, neurologic or metabolic disorder, such as fragile X or Down syndrome. As we learn more about genetics, the number of children with an ASD and an identifiable genetic condition will likely increase.
– About 40% of children with an ASD do not talk at all. Another 25%–30% of children with autism have some words at 12 to 18 months of age and then lose them.  Others may speak, but not until later in childhood.
– Recent studies have estimated that the lifetime cost to care for an individual with an ASD is $3.2 million
– Individuals with an ASD had average medical expenditures that exceeded those without an ASD by $4,110–$6,200 per year. On average, medical expenditures for individuals with an ASD were 4.1–6.2 times greater than for those without an ASD. Differences in median expenditures ranged from $2,240 to $3,360 per year with median expenditures 8.4–9.5 times greater.

This information tells us that the children who suffer from Autism are not the only ones dealing with it.  Every family with a child that has Autism suffers.  The financial and psychological impact that this disease brings to families is so immense, and there is little or nothing we, as a society, can do to bring comfort to these groups of people.  The rate of children with Autism is growing exponentially, and it is currently at an all time high, and with the right financial resources, we can help ease these families and prevent further stress to find a cure and help more children live out normal lives.

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5 Responses to Why should you care?

  1. I didn’t realize how much autism was prevalent in society, I also didn’t realize how much care cost the families. Thanks for sharing the facts!

  2. endphotoshop says:

    I think your blog is great. I myself know a child with autism and he is just like us, in little ways different, but non the less he is just like us. People need to be more aware of autism and how to help.

  3. ckurner says:

    I see a lot of our two blogs interlinking. Both of the things that we are focusing on cost money- nothing comes for free. And it involves children with an illness that affects a whole family. When I worked at Disney, I met a husband and wife and their twin boys. Both boys had Autism, one more obvious than the other. The wife and I became friends on Facebook after her vacation because we just instantly connected. Unfortunately, about a month ago, she passed away very suddenly. I think about her boys every single day and pray that her husband and family are coping okay because I know how much work she put into her boys and into helping them grow and achieve all those things that we take for granted. Her family still keeps up her Facebook page and sends messages so we can all see, and it looks as if they’re doing alright, but the change of losing their mother has definitely had an impact on their lives and their progress.

  4. So great seeing awareness brought to this issue so many more people are affected by this or know someone who is and I think every child/person deserves a chance to have a fair and good life!

  5. caleskagen says:

    I love that people are paying more and more attention to autism. It’s overlooked by much of society because it doesn’t get a lot of coverage in the media, or at least it hasn’t until recently. It’s extraordinarily prevalent in society and it needs to be treated as such! Great stats, this should provoke a lot of thought.

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