Not Just the Individual

The individual with autism is not the only one that suffers from the issue.  The entire family is affected by the day to day struggles.  Watch this video from Autism Speaks’ YouTube page and see for yourself what families go through every day.

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2 Responses to Not Just the Individual

  1. magby says:

    Such an inspiring and raw view of the daily barriers that come with Autism. It is so wonderful for you to bring more attention to the lifestyle. So often we hear about the campaigns and the idea of having a child with autism but this video truly humanizes the experience as a parent or a close friend. I think the message of compassion is an excellent way we can apply the powerful information into a practical daily application. Such a necessary topic, well done Emily!

  2. Vinnie says:

    What a trying situation to be in, I can’t imagine the patience that it must take to complete even the the simplest everyday tasks. This really sheds a light on the problem and as magby said humanizes the experince.

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