Another Way To Raise Money!

While surfing the internet to different websites regarding autism, I came across this site that sells merchandise that can help raise awareness about autism.  The website is called Victory Store, and while it sells miscellaneous merchandise, it features autism awareness products and makes a bi-annual donation to a charity that supports autism research.  Every six months, a voting process goes into action and they determine which organization they will be donating to.  If anyone is interested in being a part of the process, one can nominate an organization and partake in the voting.  Take a look at some of the products offered by Victory Store, and click on the link to see the full store:

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One Response to Another Way To Raise Money!

  1. Jenn says:

    I feel autism doesn’t have enough awareness as it should have. I have a friend whom has a younger brother with autism so I know first hand how hard it can be for the family. I only wish that more people knew about autism. I’m glad that there are sights like this out there that help support and create awareness.

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